Trail Maintenance Day
Due to COVID19 transmission concerns, we won't be hosting a BBQ at this year's Trail Day.  We are asking volunteers to meet between 8 am and 9 am at the Tie City Trailhead, where Randy will give them an assignment.  Please bring your own food, drink, and tools (we will have some to borrow), wear a mask to get your assignment, social distance at the trailhead and spread yourselves out at your work assignment.  If you are interested in doing trail work but want to come on a different day, please email us and we will line you out with a task.

Thanks so much for helping prepare the trails for snow and skiing!

Parking On Happy Jack Road (WYO 210) is Illegal
MBNA was contacted by WYDOT on 3/30/20 to pass along the following information:
The Happy Jack Recreation Area, especially the Tie City Trailhead, has been increasing in popularity. With all the COVID-19-related event and business closures occurring right now, it's likely that the area will be even busier with folks wanting to be active outdoors.  

In circumstances where the parking lot fills up with vehicles or it's full of snow, parking on Happy Jack Road (WYO 210) has become many people's go-to alternative for trailhead parking.

We have a feeling that folks are largely unaware that it is illegal to do so, even if the car is parked fully out of the travel lane. Additionally, parking on the side of the highway can potentially start forest fires in the summer and creates difficulties for snowplows trying to keep Happy Jack Road open in the winter, among other concerns.

MBNA is a non-profit organization supported by its members, other community contributors, and grants.  We operate under a Challenge Cost Share Agreement with the U.S. Forest but are  entirely responsible for the grooming of the Nordic ski trails at the Happy Jack area.  Memberships and donations are vital for covering administrative costs such as insurance, mailings, and the web site where we post information about trail conditions and events.  They also help pay for grooming of the ski trails, which is done entirely by MBNA.  

Please check out our grooming blog  for up-to-date trail information!

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