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2017/18 Multi-use Trail Packing Program

2017/18 Multi-Use Trail (MUT) Packing Program

In order to better spread out trail users, provide a more enjoyable experience for everyone recreating at Happy Jack, and reduce user conflicts, MBNA believes that packing the “multi-use” trails (MUT) quickly after each new snow storm is the best approach to getting trail users the experience they are looking for. 

In addition to just being packed through regular use, this year the MUT system is getting packed by MBNA volunteers using a SnowDog.  This is a small, gas-powered engine on a track, that pulls a sled with the driver.  So don’t be surprised if you see this machine out packing the MUT system - it’s something of an experiment this year, as we continue to seek the best way to accommodate the needs of all types of winter users at Happy Jack.